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August/September 2018 Newsletter

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21 Simple Hacks to Clean Your House

Cleaning your house can take a lot of time, but it doesn’t have to be a hassle.  Here are some house cleaning hacks to make your job easier. Thank you to Sarah Harris of Electric Saw HQ for providing these tips!

Use Lemon to Clean a Stinky Garbage Disposal


Source: ​TheHungryHousewife​​​

Is your garbage disposal giving off an unpleasant odor? The solution is simple and happens to be one of my favorite cleaning tips for the kitchen. Toss a few slices of lemon into the disposal and turn it on! It cleans and deodorizes at the same time. The scent given off is so pleasant. Try using it before guests visit!


Easy Way to Clean the Dishwasher


Source: ​TipHero​​​

It is easy to forget that we need to clean the appliances that clean our items. Dishwashers are no exception! One of the top house cleaning secrets is to use vinegar and baking soda to clean your dishwasher! On the top rack, place a container filled with white vinegar. Run on its hottest setting with nothing else. Then, add baking soda on the floor of the dishwasher and run a short hot cycle. You are going to love how clean it is now!


Quicken Drying Time


Source: ​BobVila​​​

Sometimes, we cut our laundry too close, and we need to quicken the drying time. One of the fastest ways to reduce how long it takes to dry wet laundry is to put a clean, dry towel into your dryer. It has to go in with your wet clothes. Doing so will allow the towel to absorb extra moisture in the dryer. Soon, your load will be dry.


Continue reading here.

Source: ElectricSawhq.com


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June/July Newsletter

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May’s newsletter

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RE/MAX Harbor Realty ranked #1 in Florida!


Congratulations on an amazing 2017 year for RE/MAX Harbor Realty. RE/MAX Florida Region honored us with a plaque congratulating us on closing over 260 million in volume -Single Office. What an accomplishment for our agents and company!

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March’s Newsletter

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February 2018 Newsletter

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5 Tasks Every Homeowner Should Do in January

Whew. The holidays are done. The new year has rung in. That’s when smart homeowners know it’s time to do these five things that’ll save time, money, and hassles all year long:

#1 Organize Your Seasonal Storage Space
Packing away holiday decor presents a big opportunity. It’s the best time to sort, declutter, and reorganize that space where you store your seasonal stuff. So before simply stuffing your holiday things back in there somewhere, take inventory, then sort, filter, donate, trash, and re-home as many of your things as possible.

#2 Deep-Clean the Kitchen
All of that holiday merriment-making is rough on a kitchen. Give it a good deep cleaning now that the glittery dust has settled. Purge your pantry and frisk your fridge, passing what you can on to local food banks. Scrub the walls and kick-boards, and even pull those appliances right out from the walls for a thorough vacuuming to prevent gunk (and stinks!) from accumulating.

#3 Plan Summertime Projects Now
Finalize plans for any landscaping, decks, patios, or other outdoor projects that need warm weather. Two good reasons:

1. If you’re DIYing, you’ll be ready to roll at the first hint of nice weather.
2. If you’re hiring a contractor or other professional, getting your bids and contracts in place now will save you from competing with the spring rush (wait too long, and you may not be able to book anyone!).

#4 Create a Schedule to Clean ALL Your Home’s Filters
It’s not just your HVAC. The filters in your fridge, your vacuum cleaner, your dryer, your air filter, and other household items need to be changed or cleaned at least once a year to be effective, usually more often — especially your dehumidifier. Yucky mold grows easily there. Check manufacturer instructions for all the filters in your home, and create a master schedule, then add them to your calendar app to remind you.

#5 Save Some Green at White Sales
Linens and towels go on sale in January. It’s a long-standing retail tradition that started back when linens only came in white (hence the name), and still has a solid rep as a money-saver — only in more colors today.

Cut your threadbare bath towels into rags and restock your supply, plus fill in any gaps in your bed linens you may have noticed if you had a house full of holiday guests.

Source: Houselogic.com


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6 Things Everyone Should Do When Moving Into a New House

1. Change the Locks
You really don’t know who else has keys to your home, so change the locks. That ensures you’re the only person who has access. Install new deadbolts yourself for as little as $10 per lock, or call a locksmith — if you supply the new locks, they typically charge about $20 to $30 per lock for labor.

2. Check for Plumbing Leaks
Your home inspector should do this for you before closing, but it never hurts to double-check. Keep an eye out for dripping faucets and running toilets, and check your water heater for signs of a leak. Here’s a neat trick: Check your water meter at the beginning and end of a two-hour window in which no water is being used in your house. If the reading is different, you have a leak.

3. Steam Clean Carpets
Do this before you move your furniture in, and your new home life will be off to a fresh start. You can pay a professional carpet cleaning service — you’ll pay about $50 per room; most services require a minimum of about $100 before they’ll come out — or you can rent a steam cleaner for about $30 per day and do the work yourself.

4. Wipe Out Your Cabinets
Another no-brainer before you move in your dishes and bathroom supplies. Make sure to wipe inside and out, preferably with a non-toxic cleaner, and replace contact paper if necessary.

5. Give Critters the Heave-Ho
That includes mice, rats, bats, termites, roaches, and any other uninvited guests. There are any number of DIY ways to get rid of pests, but if you need to bring out the big guns, an initial visit from a pest removal service will run you $100 to $300, followed by monthly or quarterly visits at about $50 each time.

6. Introduce Yourself to Your Circuit Breaker Box and Main Water Valve
It’s a good idea to figure out which fuses control what parts of your house and label them accordingly. This will take two people: One to stand in the room where the power is supposed to go off, the other to trip the fuses and yell, “Did that work? How about now?” You’ll want to know how to turn off your main water valve if you have a plumbing emergency, if a hurricane or tornado is headed your way, or if you’re going out of town. Just locate the valve — it could be inside or outside your house — and turn the knob until it’s off. Test it by turning on any faucet in the house; no water should come out.



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No-Sweat Hacks to Deep Clean the Cruddiest Things

Ahhh! Sparkling floors, gleaming windows, and zero dust bunnies. A thorough cleaning can make your abode feel brand new. But that immaculate house comes with a price — sore biceps.


#1 Break Out the Drill on Your Bathtub
Cleaning a grungy tub can be back-breaking work. But here’s a genius idea that’ll save you time and sweat: Use your drill. Simply attach a scrubby (or a foam ball polishing attachment if you happen to have one) and use it to do the scrubbing for you. Look in the automotive section for the attachment, which is made specially for tackling grime without scratching surfaces.

#2 Soak Stove Burners in Ammonia
Your stove burners take the bulk of the greasy, gunky mess during cooking, so do them a favor and give them a good cleaning. Don’t worry: No scrubbing involved. To clear the crud, combine your stove burners and 1/4 cup ammonia in a plastic bag and let sit overnight. They should come clean with a light sponge the next day.

#3 Run Floor Vents Through the Dishwasher
Scour as you might, removing all the accumulated dirt and dust from your floor and ceiling vents can be a spring cleaner’s nightmare. If yours are made of aluminum or steel, there’s a shortcut to spic-and-span: Just run them through the dishwasher on a water-only cycle.

#4 Tie a Bag of Vinegar Around Your Showerhead
Mineral build-up on your showerhead can cause low water pressure and wonky water streams. But it’s easy to clean them without removing them. Using a rubber band, attach a bag of vinegar to your showerhead, making sure all the holes are submerged in the vinegar, and soak it overnight. Voilà. Good as new.

Continue reading here for more tips.

Source: Houselogic.com


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